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ITF Denmark is the official and recognised national organisation for practitioners of ITF Taekwon-Do. The ITF Denmark is lead by Sabum Thomas Brandt.

Clubs registered with us have certified instructors and programmes of a high standard. All students are graded in accordance with a national and international syllabus. Only certified grading instructors with a minimum of 4th. degree black belt perform gradings in Denmark.

The ITF Denmark is a member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) under the presidency of Grandmaster Paul Weiler and the All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF).

Should you be interested in joning club activities in Denmark, you can find a list of affiliated clubs and their contact details below.

If you consider starting your own club or have other questions, you are more than welcome to contact the ITF Denmark and Mr. Brandt via the contact information page here.


Gilleleje Taekwon-Do Club

Main instructor: Boosabum Finn Jensen

Contact e-mail:

København ITF Taekwon-Do Club

Main instructor: Sabum Michael Johansen

Contact e-mail:

Ørestad Taekwon-Do Club
Main Instructor: Boosabum Torben Danielsen
Contact e-mail:

Trekroner Taekwon-Do Club

Main instructor: Boosabum Claus Sander

Contact e-mail:

Sorø Taekwon-Do Club (STK)

Main instructor: Boosabum Ann K. Brandt

Contact e-mail:

Dianalund Taekwon-Do Club

Main instructor: Boosabum Thomas Møller

Contact e-mail:

Kokkedal Taekwon-Do Klub

Hovedinstruktør: Boosabum Samuel Nickless



ITF Thorsø Taekwon-Do Club
Main instructor: Boosabum Morten Hoffmann

Contact e-mail:

ITF Taekwon-Do Sabro

Main instructor: Sabum Allan Rostgaard

Contact e-mail: